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“Divine Mother, I offer to Thee the fruit of my labors. Bless this offering, that it serve as a channel of Thy Light to truth-seeking souls everywhere. Aum”

Dear Soul friends,

With the coming of this new year, comes the chance to re‘new’ ourselves. To re‘new’ especially our energy and our commitment.  January 5th marked the auspicious day of the birth of Paramhansa Yogananda, the channel where our energy and commitment may be directed. We can offer back to the source of our spiritual nourishment and sustenance, our fearless and grateful support.

For all those who feel called to start this year with an intention of giving, you are invited to fill out the attached form offering your support for these great teachings.  May this vow strengthen in each of us the unflinching truth that all we are, and all we have, belongs to God, and that every opportunity given to us to demonstrates that truth is a great honor.

Please visit HERE now if you would like to see donation options, make a donation now, or feel free to follow the inspiration of your own grateful heart.

“Success comes to those who spend for God’s work with as much spontaneity and pleasure as they do themselves.” – Paramhansa Yogananda