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Note: Event Venue: Ananda West L.A.11870 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste. 208 

Dr. Shanti Rubenstone is a Stanford Medical School graduate, educator, and practicing Internist, as well as long time meditator and minister.

After finishing her medical training and a chief medical residency she began what soon became one of the largest general internal medical practices in the country, always with the intention of caring for the whole person. To this end she frequently taught meditation within her practice, carefully following its effect on various conditions, as well as following medical literature/data in this field.

She currently has a practice called “Transformational Medicine”, working with people as they move through any major life transition, whether it is of the body, the mind, or the soul. Her interest in the science of meditation continues, and she is now a frequent lecturer in this area as well as giving classes related to spirituality and healing.

In her words … “ It is always my intention to help people feel harmonized within and manifest that by feeling well and finding joy.”

“Healing with God’s Unlimited Power”

Join Dr. Shanti Rubenstone, MD, internist, minister and spiritual counselor, as she explores the nature of true healing, and how to be truly well. These states reflect our unlimited ability to tap into eternal and infinite sources of energy, and making the conscious choice to do so.

Topics covered will be:

~ We ARE Energy!

~ Transformation and healing: turning illness and major life
Struggles from stumbling blocks to stepping stones

~ Interplay of right mindedness, conscious intention, spirituality and
physical well being

~ Using all spiritual practices: affirmations, chanting, meditation and
more to expand your consciousness and heal

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