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The true follower of Kriya Yoga is the highest yogi, and Kriya Yoga is the greatest yoga technique ever developed in man’s search for the Infinite. -Paramhansa Yogananda

We all want to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life and we tend to look for external conditions and circumstances to fulfill us. But what happens when these outward circumstances change? Things may be “just right” for a while, but when inevitable change comes, our wellbeing is shaken.

Is unshakable joy truly possible in our ever-changing world? How can we access our highest potential and live to the fullest?

A life of inner joy, free from pain and limitation is not only possible, it’s our Divine birthright! Everyone has this power and with the help of yogic practices such as Kriya Yoga, this choice is within our reach all the time!

The great Self-realized master Paramhansa Yogananda was the third in a succession of masters of Kriya Yoga. His mission was to bring this ancient science to the modern age. Kriya Yoga might be the MOST practical way we can do this because it not only changes us on the inside, it also finds expression in our daily lives. Kriya Yoga helps us calm our reactive processes so that we gain a sense of self-possession and inner joy despite outer circumstances.

This one hour discussion is an introduction to the path of Kriya Yoga. It does not teach the Kriya Yoga technique. It introduces the steps involved in this great path and their benefit to our spiritual journey towards Self-realization. These teachings are non-denominational. People of all faiths participate in Ananda. 

Dates: Sept. 8,  6:30pm-7:30pm.

Location: Ananda Thousand Oaks, 1321 Thousand Oaks Blvd., #124

Cost: This class is donation based. Suggested donation $10 HERE or in the donation box on the counter.

Ananda is a worldwide, nonprofit, nonsectarian center for spiritual growth, meditation, and community. All are welcome.

It is Chela’s great joy to be of service leading the Ananda Thousand Oaks center. She is an Ananda Minister, a certified Ananda Meditation instructor, a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and a Kriyaban. Chela enjoys sharing the teachings of Self-realization, leading classes for Ananda, meditations, satsangs, and more. She has been married for thirty-six years and is mom to two adult children. She offers a loving heart to anyone seeking support in their spiritual path.