How to Transcend Astrological Influences

Astrology is a very deep subject, but most people consider it a kind of superstitious guide to material progress. If you use astrology only for guidance in material matters, you will be doing its teachings an injustice. Astrology is too vast, both mathematically and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by people of profound understanding. In ancient times, astrology was … Read More

The Final Exam

The Final Exam SWAMI KRIYANANDA The most important moment of life is, in a very true sense, its last moment. For death is when we take our final exam. The thought uppermost in the mind at that time will determine whether our future takes us upward, or sideways, or downward: upward, towards greater spiritual clarity and freedom; sideways, towards further … Read More

Six Strategies for Challenging Times

Six Strategies for Challenging Times November 16, 2017 This article is unique in that it has been drawn from Clarity articles published by several authors: Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda, and Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi. Sources are listed at the end of this article. 1. Your best astrological amulet When devotees feel overwhelmed by trials and difficulties, it’s mostly because they’ve … Read More

Relax & Feel

Relax & Feel One of the most difficult concepts for most people to grasp is that we don’t so much achieve Self-realization as we relax into it. We are constantly bombarded with the message that success depends upon making a strenuous effort. While this is often true for worldly success, it is the opposite for spiritual attainment. One time Swami … Read More

How to Overcome Dry Spells in Meditation

How to Overcome Dry Spells in Meditation by Nayaswami Narayan, September 20, 2021 Have you ever experienced a dry spell in your meditation practice? Recently, I started to notice that my meditations were becoming increasingly difficult.  What was the problem? I didn’t realize until I found the answer. One day before meditation, I randomly opened up “The Essence of Self-realization” … Read More

Help Me To Make Spiritual Progress

Recently, a long-time friend shared with me that they are not doing their spiritual practices; they are without faith, and even losing their belief. This person explained to me that they know what needs to be done but do not have the energy to do it. It saddened me deeply to hear this. The only door open to me was … Read More

How Does the Story End?

In his autobiography, The New Path, Swami Kriyananda shares a fascinating dream: “I was living with many other people in a torture chamber. For generations our families had lived here, knowing no world but this one; the possibility of any other existence simply never occurred to us. One awoke, one was tortured, and, at night, one found brief respite in … Read More

Begin This Year by Deepening Your Meditation Practice

Happiness is the greatest Divine birthright – the buried treasure of my soul. -Paramhansa Yogananda Paramhansa Yogananda said that if you want to succeed in meditation, you must develop devotion. But people who aren’t particularly devotional by nature often wonder, “What is devotion and how do I practice it?” Swami Kriyananda gave us an important key when he described devotion … Read More